Vehicle servicing and repairs from a garage that you can trust

Whether you need an interim service or a full service Hazel Motors are your local specialists to rely on and with our skilled, qualified technicians on hand, we can repair pretty much any vehicle problem that you could possibly throw at us!

Vehicle Servicing


Regular maintenance is important in order to extend the life of your vehicle, increase its fuel economy and reduce the cost of unexpected repairs or breakdowns. At Hazel Motors we offer a choice of either an interim service or a comprehensive full service, all carried out on-site by our fully qualified automotive technicians using the very latest diagnostic equipment -


Our vehicle servicing checks

the following vital parts -


• Engines

• Fuel Systems

• Drive Systems

• Electrical Components

• Steering & Suspension

• Exhausts

• Brakes

• Tyres & Wheels

• Windscreens

• Air Conditioning

• And Much More

Vehicle Repairs


If you have a problem with your vehicle then you'll need it fixing as soon as possible for the best possible price, it's that simple. With over 50 years of fixing cars, bikes and vans, we know pretty much everything there is about solving these problems for you. If problems are identified we won’t carry out any work until you’ve authorised it, will only use top quality manufacturer approved parts and also provide you with an itemised bill.


Just some of our services on offer include -


• Engine Faults, Advanced Engine Diagnostics

• Brake Faults, Replacement Brake Discs and Pads

• Exhaust Faults, Catalyst Changes, Emission Reports

• Wheel Alignment using Hunter 4 Wheel Alignment

• Electrical Faults, Engine Management System Faults

• Starter Problems, Intermittent Engine Faults


We invest heavily in both our staff training and our equipment to make sure that can deal with the most modern of vehicles and resolve your issues for you quickly.  We only use approved manufacturer parts and we offer a real viable alternative to using a main dealer, with more competitive pricing and faster service guaranteed!


Just give us a call today and chat to one of our friendly staff about your problems, we'll be happy to give you a quote and an estimate on how long it will take us.


01634 406664 / 01634 814137

Specialist Services


Some of the many things that make Hazel Motors different are the very unique specialist services that we offer.  Because we've invested heavily in our equipment and training, we can provide some fairly rare services that most garages cannot offer.


These include such things as -


• Engine Head Skimming

• Advanced Vehicle Diagnostics

• Brake Disc Skimming

• Brake Drum Skimming


For a competitive quotation and some honest independent advice just give us a call and we'll be happy to have a chat.


Servicing and Repairs for Hybrid Vehicles

They're lean, green, and the economy is obscene!

We know you love Hybrid cars as much as we do but sadly not every garage is either equipped or has the knowledge to even carry out routine servicing on Hybrids. Fortunately Hazel Motors do, our technicians are experts in these vehicles which are becoming more common on our roads every week. So whilst you do your part for the environment, trust Hazel Motors to take care of the servicing and repairs.



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